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Stunning Eastley Teal accent chair on offer today !

  • €19995

Part of the accent chairs collection our easton teal velvet accent chair gives a delightful nod to retro styling but then updates it. so it has a splayed winged shape with deep vertical pleats to create lines of dark and light. the seat is sumptuously stuffed so it’s wonderful to sit on – it will feel like a favourite from day one. plus it’s incredibly plush as it’s covered in gorgeous velvet that irresistibly strokable. finally it has retro splayed spindle golden legs. for those who appreciate fine design and superior quality this couldn’t be a better choice.


  • Eastley Teal Velvet Accent Chair
  • Curved back
  • Deep vertical pleating
  • Overstuffed comfy seat
  • Golden spindle legs
  • Plush teal coloured velvet

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