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Plaza sofa options at various prices per size and fabric grade

  • €99995

Introducing the fabulous Plaza  in many size options 


Extremely well made sofa in a stain resistant fabric . Matt Velvet . Lots of colour options .


stock available at time of printing 

Size 235 w.  95 h 

Model available with narrower arms  also .





Select a model and a fabric  and we can quite you a price 




Product Description ( all options available to order )

Plaza modular system is a proposal for those looking to outfit a large family room or a spacious living room in a stand alone house. This modern line of modular furniture allows to design various sofa and corner sofa arrangements with low pouffe-shaped add-on units and liquor cabinets with a cubbyhole and an audio system, functioning as separators or placed at either end of the sofa.

Depending on your needs, this piece of furniture can optionally feature the sleeping function, an armchair with an reclining seat, backrest and footrest (the so-called relaxation function) and a bedding compartment. Comfortable movable headrests are included as standard.


LIQUOR CABINET Optional on all models 

With cubbyholes opened from the top, drawers sliding out from the front, wooden countertop, which you can use as a coffee table, with countertop upholstered with leather or fabric, triangular or rectangular, with cup holders – there are many types of liquor cabinets which offer plenty of opportunities.



Most of our sofas and corner sofas with the sleeping function are additionally equipped with a convenient bedding compartment where you can keep duvets and pillows used from time to time.



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